After spending a few years working concerts, you meet the same amazing people and see their shining faces at the shows you attend - needless to say it becomes a family. Whether it's metal shows, hip-hop, pop or everything in between - going to concerts for many is a monthly sometimes even a weekly routine (especially for yours truly).

Last night I went to see the phenomenal Zakk Wylde at the Iridium for the third and final night of his acoustic performance...I even dragged my sister along, she hasn't been to a show with me since 2006 (for good reason which I might share later) Nonetheless it was an overall great night.

The real treat came after the show as a lovely dude stopped me as he recognized me from my Loudwire profile and even made the brave decision to visit this very site! The fact that people actually read the nonsense I write on here and check out my photos on various sites well I can't be more overjoyed. To connect with people who have the same interest and different interests is what inspires me the most. I was actually thinking about squashing the blog part of the site but I just might re-think it. :)

Till next time!

The award winning show on HBO 'Girls' takes us into the lives of four twenty-something year-olds and the obstacles and trivial yet hilarious fights they continuously have.

The reason this show speaks to me personally is that it truly is about self discovery. At the current age of 23, I find myself being drawn to each character in a different way because they are such different metaphors for today's young women. 

My only concern about the show is that I really wish they would add women of different ethnicities to the mix. It's crazy to me that the show takes place in New York City and all the lead characters are four white females. I think the cultural aspects of different backgrounds would definitely add to the show as a whole.

'Girls' is being called the new Sex in the City and I highly disagree with this. The writing for 'Girls' is much smarter, relevant and captivating. 

The thing I really love about the show as a whole is that is shows that both men and women have flaws and no gender is superior to the other. In a nutshell everyone is atleast a little screwed up.

Thank you HBO for providing a show with weird and complex female characters who are terrified and embrace their sexuality and individuality all at once! 
A lot has happened since I last wrote, with graduating college, freelancing and after one hell of a 2012 I'm looking forward to an exciting 2013 with much more concerts and exciting adventures! Let's catchup I'm completely addicted to specific television shows (The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Girls, Breaking Bad and numerous others) not to mention I have started reading again right now I'm tackling 'Lolita' I will let you know how that works out.

Also did I tell you about my shopping addiction? Well I have one, shoes, jewlery, scarves, sweaters, leggings, it's all I think about! I digress, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts and journey and promise that the next post will not be in the next two years!
Arepera Guacuco
44 Irving Ave  (between Jefferson St & Troutman St) 

The ambiance of Arepera Guacuco makes you feel like you are at a relatives house, the staff is charming and attentive. The lighting and music add to the relaxed mood of the restaurant. But the food! 

The tostones, which are fried plantains, are served with aged cheese and special sauces (which are delicious!).

The Arepas may seem small at first but they quickly fill you up because they are packed and stuffed with whatever you like.
I got the Guayanes Arepa with chicken which is filled with white mild-creamy venezuelan cheese and seasoned shredded chicken.

Desert was delicious especially when it's chocolatey, fudgey, brownie, cakey goodness also known as Marquesa De Chocolate served With A Maria Cookie On Top.

This place isn't for meat lovers only, they have a few yummy vegetarian options as well.

To wash it all down try the Coconut Milkshake.  They also have some unique imported beers and wine.

Prices are affordable from $3.50-$12.00.

This was my first time trying Venezuelan Food and I was not disappointed, you won't be either!
Being obsessed with photography, I tend to take pictures of anything and everything.  My latest fixation is taking photos of Graffiti. For the past two weekends I have roamed Brooklyn with some dear friends in search of inspiring street art. Many interesting spots include the side streets of Dekalb Avenue and along the sides of the industrial buildings near Montrose Avenue.  I'm looking for more spots around Brooklyn that has great graffiti...the search continues!!
Last night the band Times of Grace, made up of Jesse Leach (former Killswitch Engage singer, current vocalist of Empire Shall Fall) and Adam Dutkiewicz (current guitarist of Killswitch Engage), brought the house down at Grammercy Theater.  Supporting acts included Dead Men Dreaming, War of Ages and Straight Line Stitch.

Dead Men Dreaming, hailing from Staten Island New York, opened up the show with a very animated set. They were comedic and had eccentric stage presence and even a bit of a fan following.

War of Ages took the stage next and the way they tore it up, I thought they were the ones headlining. Their energy and raw emotion was unbelievable to see and I can't wait until they come back to New York. Not to mention vocalist Leroy Hamp is passionate about his music and his fans. He's an all around nice guy (atleast to me when I met him at the merch table).

Straight Line Stitch has an enormous amount of talent but they were a bit disappointing on stage.  The sound quality was not that great and the only ones in the band who kept the liveliness up were vocalist Alexis Brown (whose hair covered her beautiful face throughout the set) and drummer Kanky Lora.

Headlining band Times of Grace did not disappoint. It was Times of Grace first concert in New York as a band and the crowd couldn’t get enough of them.  The crowd engaged in “Jesse” chants throughout the show. The only disheartening part about their set was that it was way too short.

When you take the L Train to Bedford Avenue on a Saturday night, you tend to see all walks of life. One thing about Williamsburg, are the buildings which look either old or new...there is no in between.  If you look closely the old, cruddy warehouses are turned into clubs and major party spots at night. One street may be completely empty while the next one over is filled with bars and music venues. My destination, however, was Kent Ave.

After grabbing a bite at the local pizzeria, and then a pastry at New York Muffin (their marble chocolate muffin with a Chai Latte warms the soul), I made my way to Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Avenue also known as the building with the small red gate, right by the water) for night two of the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2011. 

Arts and Fashion intertwine on this weekend in order to showcase and  even debut the talents of young designers. Some pieces I had the privilege of see were by Argentinean designer Juanita Cardenas, professional/chic designer Nathalie Kraynina, abstract designer Hayden Dunham and edgy,  punk rock designs by Total Crap Uninc.

Curated by Arthur Arbit, the Williamsburg Fashion show happens twice annually. This is its eight consecutive show.
The next Williamsburg Fashion Weekend will take place in September 2011.
What is…Who is Liz…currently I am a struggling college student (starting classes tomorrow), a rockin' intern at Roadrunner Records, a writer, soon to be blogger, journalist, photographer, a former vegetarian who started eating meat and much much more. 

This site allows me to share work I have done in the past as well as my recent work. In this blog I want to ramble…I mean share whatever it is that might be interesting in arts and culture around New York City (or wherever I am at the time). For me, interesting things include (but are not limited to) music, film, books, fashion, food, and anything else that I might find walking down the block, around the corner, after a 3 hour train ride or under my shoe.

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