Arepera Guacuco
44 Irving Ave  (between Jefferson St & Troutman St) 

The ambiance of Arepera Guacuco makes you feel like you are at a relatives house, the staff is charming and attentive. The lighting and music add to the relaxed mood of the restaurant. But the food! 

The tostones, which are fried plantains, are served with aged cheese and special sauces (which are delicious!).

The Arepas may seem small at first but they quickly fill you up because they are packed and stuffed with whatever you like.
I got the Guayanes Arepa with chicken which is filled with white mild-creamy venezuelan cheese and seasoned shredded chicken.

Desert was delicious especially when it's chocolatey, fudgey, brownie, cakey goodness also known as Marquesa De Chocolate served With A Maria Cookie On Top.

This place isn't for meat lovers only, they have a few yummy vegetarian options as well.

To wash it all down try the Coconut Milkshake.  They also have some unique imported beers and wine.

Prices are affordable from $3.50-$12.00.

This was my first time trying Venezuelan Food and I was not disappointed, you won't be either!

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