After spending a few years working concerts, you meet the same amazing people and see their shining faces at the shows you attend - needless to say it becomes a family. Whether it's metal shows, hip-hop, pop or everything in between - going to concerts for many is a monthly sometimes even a weekly routine (especially for yours truly).

Last night I went to see the phenomenal Zakk Wylde at the Iridium for the third and final night of his acoustic performance...I even dragged my sister along, she hasn't been to a show with me since 2006 (for good reason which I might share later) Nonetheless it was an overall great night.

The real treat came after the show as a lovely dude stopped me as he recognized me from my Loudwire profile and even made the brave decision to visit this very site! The fact that people actually read the nonsense I write on here and check out my photos on various sites well I can't be more overjoyed. To connect with people who have the same interest and different interests is what inspires me the most. I was actually thinking about squashing the blog part of the site but I just might re-think it. :)

Till next time!


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