Last night the band Times of Grace, made up of Jesse Leach (former Killswitch Engage singer, current vocalist of Empire Shall Fall) and Adam Dutkiewicz (current guitarist of Killswitch Engage), brought the house down at Grammercy Theater.  Supporting acts included Dead Men Dreaming, War of Ages and Straight Line Stitch.

Dead Men Dreaming, hailing from Staten Island New York, opened up the show with a very animated set. They were comedic and had eccentric stage presence and even a bit of a fan following.

War of Ages took the stage next and the way they tore it up, I thought they were the ones headlining. Their energy and raw emotion was unbelievable to see and I can't wait until they come back to New York. Not to mention vocalist Leroy Hamp is passionate about his music and his fans. He's an all around nice guy (atleast to me when I met him at the merch table).

Straight Line Stitch has an enormous amount of talent but they were a bit disappointing on stage.  The sound quality was not that great and the only ones in the band who kept the liveliness up were vocalist Alexis Brown (whose hair covered her beautiful face throughout the set) and drummer Kanky Lora.

Headlining band Times of Grace did not disappoint. It was Times of Grace first concert in New York as a band and the crowd couldn’t get enough of them.  The crowd engaged in “Jesse” chants throughout the show. The only disheartening part about their set was that it was way too short.

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