The award winning show on HBO 'Girls' takes us into the lives of four twenty-something year-olds and the obstacles and trivial yet hilarious fights they continuously have.

The reason this show speaks to me personally is that it truly is about self discovery. At the current age of 23, I find myself being drawn to each character in a different way because they are such different metaphors for today's young women. 

My only concern about the show is that I really wish they would add women of different ethnicities to the mix. It's crazy to me that the show takes place in New York City and all the lead characters are four white females. I think the cultural aspects of different backgrounds would definitely add to the show as a whole.

'Girls' is being called the new Sex in the City and I highly disagree with this. The writing for 'Girls' is much smarter, relevant and captivating. 

The thing I really love about the show as a whole is that is shows that both men and women have flaws and no gender is superior to the other. In a nutshell everyone is atleast a little screwed up.

Thank you HBO for providing a show with weird and complex female characters who are terrified and embrace their sexuality and individuality all at once! 


Alisandra Karimullah
02/12/2013 8:48pm

I totally agree with your statement about 'Girls', needs to have more ethnic diversity in the HBO hit show. I believe it will create more interesting and dynamic characters that will further enhance the shows' appeal.


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